POLL: Fox News Is a Trusted TV News Source for 87% of Americans, Second Only to the BBC


In a result that came as a surprise to many, Fox News took second place in a new poll as to which TV news sources Americans trust most.

The poll, conducted by Research Intelligencer, asked over four thousand people to rate TV news sources that they consumed more than three times a week in order to gauge which networks Americans felt were most trustworthy.

Fox News, with 87 percent on the trust scale, was second only to BBC with 90 percent.

Fox News has a long-documented history of routinely lying to its viewers in an effort to make Republican personalities and policies more favorable to the American public. According to Politifact, 59 percent of claims on Fox News fall somewhere between blatantly false and mostly false.

In the past, those on the network have claimed that rape doesn’t occur on college campuses and stoked false claims that former Democratic National Committee staffer was murdered as revenge for leaking DNC documents.

Rounding out the Top 5 most trusted TV news networks were PBS in third with 86 percent, Bloomberg in fourth place with 81 percent, followed by MSNBC at 80 percent.

Americans across social media were baffled as to how a network that lies so recklessly could be so trusted, fearing what it may mean for the country as a whole.



The poll also asked Americans about their trust in President Donald Trump.

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