Donald Trump

The Day After: Trump Election Draws Protests, Calls for “CalExit”

Americans shocked by the election of Donald Trump made their opposition known through large-scale protests, walkouts, and marches across major US cities yesterday. Minorities, LGBTs, the disabled, and women fearful of what a Trump presidency will mean for their lives and communities helped lead the actions in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Seattle, … Continued

A Secret Server, A Spy, and the FBI: Three New Explosive Trump Ties to Russia

Three explosive revelations late Monday and early Tuesday by separate news organizations have rocked the Trump campaign just one week before the election. Mother Jones, Slate, and NBC News each reported separate stories on Trump’s possible direct ties to Russia and on ongoing but heretofore undisclosed FBI investigations that each raise not only alarms at … Continued

Libertarian VP Nominee Weld Goes Rogue, Urges America to Reject Donald Trump

In a statement released Tuesday, William Weld, the Libertarian vice presidential nominee, broke with his running mate, Gary Johnson, and urged American voters to reject Donald Trump. Though the former Massachusetts governor and Republican stopped short of endorsing Hillary Clinton, he acknowledged that “the deck is still stacked” against his third-party bid, which has drawn … Continued

Candidates Traditionally Poke Fun at the Al Smith Roast. Trump Managed To Get Booed.

The Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, a New York City-based white tie event and fundraiser for Catholic charities, is traditionally a time for presidential candidates to offer lighthearted jokes about themselves and their opponent. There was hope the event could ease tensions just 24 hours after a stormy presidential debate. Donald Trump spoke first, … Continued



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