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READ: The Wall Street Journal Corrects Article: ‘Vladimir Putin Is President of Russia. An Editing Mistake Erroneously Identified Him as Vladimir Trump’

vladimir trump, wall street journal trump putin

Win McNamee and Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

After an onslaught of internet commotion, the Wall Street Journal discreetly amended its original correction to:

“Vladimir Putin is president of Russia. An editing mistake misidentified Mr. Putin in an earlier version of this article.”

But the damage had already been done.

Many thought the original slip was so fitting, it had to be on purpose.

Others thought it was the best Freudian slip of the decade.

As the Mueller investigation continues to reveal, the relationship between Trump and Putin is no laughing matter. However, the internet briefly got a moment of much-needed relief over this particularly apt slip of the finger.

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