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Russian State TV Mocks Trump's Love of Putin With Supercut of Trump Singing 'Senorita' as Putin Plays Piano

That was...something.

Russian State TV Mocks Trump's Love of Putin With Supercut of Trump Singing 'Senorita' as Putin Plays Piano
HELSINKI, FINLAND - JULY 16, 2018: US President Donald Trump (L) and Russia's President Vladimir Putin during a meeting at the Presidential Palace. Mikhail Metzel/TASS (Photo by Mikhail MetzelTASS via Getty Images)

President Donald Trump spent much of this past weekend's G7 summit advocating for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who launched an attack on the sanctity of American democracy in 2016 and has continued to do so. Now Russian state television is mocking Trump for being such an unwavering ally to Putin.

Russia was booted from the G7—then the G8—network of world leaders after Putin illegally annexed Crimea, a peninsula in southern Ukraine in 2014.

Russian propaganda network Channel 1 played a comedic videoof Putin playing piano as Trump sings the song "Señorita" by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello.

Watch the clip below.

The hosts chuckle at the video before praising Trump's assertion that former President Barack Obama was "outsmarted" by Putin after the annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

Trump said:

"President Obama was not happy that this happened and it was embarrassing to him, right? It was very embarrassing to him, and he wanted Russia to be out of what was called the G-8. That was his determination. He was outsmarted by Putin. President Putin outsmarted President Obama. I can understand how President Obama would feel, he wasn’t happy.”

Obama wasn't to blame for the annexation, nor would he have been able to stop it—though Trump claims he could have with the "right whatever."

Though Trump's sycophancy is no laughing matter, people couldn't help but laugh at the strangeness of the video.

You can watch the full segment on Channel 1's 60 Minutes here.

Though you'll need to brush up your Russian.


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