READ: Donald Trump Tweet From 2014 Says ‘We Need a President Who Isn’t a Laughing Stock to the Entire World’

Well that’s awkward.

When one tweets as often as the president of the United States, it’s fair odds that there will be some contradictions. But when it comes to Donald Trump, there really is a tweet for everything. When Donald Trump makes a statement–be it about anything from Bob Woodward to the electoral college to anonymous sources–chances are, one of his past tweets says the opposite. Today is no different.

As Trump began his remarks at the United Nations General Summit, he boasted–as he often does–that his presidency has been more successful in its first two years than any president’s in history.

And the crowd went wild…with laughter.

To add insult to injury, one of the most vocal critics of Donald Trump’s performance today would likely be Donald Trump in 2014.

This made Twitter users laugh even harder.

And the president was undoubtedly irked when Americans compared him to his arch-rival former President Barack Obama, to whom the tweet originally referred.

But for some, concern outweighed comedy by far.

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