PHOTO: Donald Trump Tweets Screenshot of Poll Citing 88% Approval ‘Among Republicans’

Read the fine print.

President Donald Trump shared the results of a recent job approval rating poll on Twitter, but social media users noticed that the president may be overlooking some important details.

“Thank you very much,” Trump tweeted Wednesday afternoon in response to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll which showed the president with an 88 percent approval rating. “Working hard!”

Trouble is, that 88 percent is solely among Republicans, who represent a shrinking bloc of the American voting electorate.

Twitter jumped on this, mercilessly.

One user did the math, and the 88 percent of Republicans who approve of the job Trump is doing constitute, at most, 23 percent of the country.

Others noted that voter turnout in 2016 was also low. Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by nearly three million votes.

Trump would be wise to read the fine print on this poll because the numbers don’t look great for him. While 88 percent of Republicans either approve or strongly approve of his job performance, only 45 percent of all registered voters felt the same way, the poll found.

Among Democrats, Trump’s approval sits at an abysmal nine percent. The president’s numbers among independents are also circling the drain, with just 36 percent saying they approve of his performance. Independent voters are essential for victory in November’s midterm elections.

Source: NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll July 15-18, 2018

The poll also showed that 52 percent of those surveyed disapprove of Trump, and that number climbs to 58 percent among Independents and skyrockets to 89 percent among Democrats.

NBC surveyed 900 registered voters from July 15-18 by landline and cell phone. The poll has a margin of error of 3.3 percentage points.

Indeed, July has been a rough month for the president’s job approval ratings. Numerous other polls have shown that voters are tiring of Trump.

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