WATCH: Donald Trump Says Teachers ‘Truly Love Their Students and by Loving Their Students, They Want to Fight For Their Students’


President Donald Trump tried to justify his proposal to arm teachers by claiming that teachers want to carry guns in order to protect their students out of love.

“It’s critical to have armed personnel available at a moment’s notice,” Trump said at a roundtable discussion about gun violence in schools. “These are teachers in many cases that are the highest trained that you can get.”

Trump said teachers are “natural to firearms” and insisted that arming teachers is “critical to hardening our schools against attack,” adding, “also, they love our students.”

The president continued:

“I’ve seen the teachers…They truly love their students. And by loving their students, they want to fight for their students more than anybody else.”

Watch below:

Twitter tore into Trump for suggesting that armed teachers and guns in schools would make for safer learning environments.

Many people noted that if Trump really wanted to support teachers, he would demand more funding for educational programs and pay teachers more money.

Trump also suggested that arming teachers would aid in “stopping tragedy before it strikes.”

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