REPORT: Some Trump Supporters Are Buying Thousands of Dollars of Iraqi Dinars Because They Believe Donald Trump Promised to Increase Its Value


With no legislative experience and never having run for public office, virtually the only quality giving Trump some sort of credibility to pursue the presidency in 2015 was some Americans’ perception of him as a business genius.

This is in spite of the fact that virtually no American bank would lend to Donald Trump in the 90’s and despite Donald Trump having declared bankruptcy multiple times.

Yet for decades, many Americans have associated Donald Trump with success and business acumen. Crafted over years of questionably-funded properties sporting his name as well as a popular NBC show, this perception was no accident.

Now, many more aren’t buying what Trump is selling.

Though most people can see right through a scam as blatant and well-known as investing thousands in the Dinar, it’s unclear when some will realize that – unlike his steaks – the president’s business ventures aren’t well done.

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