REPORT: Some Trump Supporters Are Buying Thousands of Dollars of Iraqi Dinars Because They Believe Donald Trump Promised to Increase Its Value


From his taxes to Trump University, it’s no secret that President Donald Trump’s name is on as many scams as it is on buildings, but a newly popular swindle touted by some of his supporters has left no head unscratched.

As a new report from the Daily Beast reveals, a number of Trump supporters are investing thousands of dollars in the Dinar. Over years of tumult, the Iraqi currency has dropped in value to around one-tenth of the U.S. penny. Yet these investors believe that the Dinar’s value will increase to its $3 value from before the First World War, turning thousands of dollars down the drain into millions in the bank.

Though the Dinar scam has been around for decades, its associations with Trump skyrocketed around the time of his presidential campaign. Some investors also cite a pledge he made in 2017, in which he said all currencies would be on an “even level.” Despite the fact that Trump was referring to unequal trade with China, many supporters took this as a sign that the Dinar’s value could go up. Some insist that Trump has invested in it himself, to great returns.

Though Trump is virtually powerless to increase the value of a foreign country’s currency, his supporters are still expecting him to deliver on a promise he never actually made.

The devotion of these followers has befuddled nearly everyone.

Despite there being no substantiation that Trump himself has invested in the Dinar, the carefully constructed image of him being a successful businessman has given these supporters faith that he will make them rich.

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