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Donald Trump, Steve Bannon Blame Ed Gillespie For Not Embracing Trump

That's an interesting way to spin the loss.
Donald Trump Ed Gillespie Steve Bannon Election Day 2017

Once again, President Donald Trump backed a losing horse, this time in the Virginia governor’s race. However on Tuesday night, Trump blamed Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie for the loss.

Democrat Ralph Northam defeated Gillespie on Tuesday in the first major loss for the GOP since Trump’s election last year. The president endorsed Gillespie in numerous Tweets and attacked his opponent leading up to the election.

Ed Gillespie banked on an easy victory by embracing the same campaign message as President Trump used in 2016. As Election Day approached, Gillespie ran attack ads on immigration, “sanctuary cities” and gang violence, even though crime is much lower in Virginia than in most of the country.

In addition to the endorsement by President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence also endorsed Gillespie on a platform of cutting taxes and fighting crime.

The president added a series of tweets and automated Election Day phone calls encouraging voter turnout for Gillespie.

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