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Donald Trump Just Reacted to SNL's Latest Brutal Take Down of His Presidency, and People Are Dragging Him Hard


Donald Trump Just Reacted to SNL's Latest Brutal Take Down of His Presidency, and People Are Dragging Him Hard
US President Donald Trump listens to a question in the Oval Office of the White House on September 5, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Alex Edelman- Pool/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump took a break from overseeing the nation to seethe on Twitter about long-running comedy show Saturday Night Live's portrayal of him.

Despite claims that he's a champion of the First Amendment, the President insinuated that SNL's portrayal of him should be tested in court:

For his part, Donald Trump has hosted the show in both 2004 and 2015.

In this weekend's cold open, the latest SNL episode put a holiday twist on its usual skewering of the President with a sketch called "It's a Wonderful Trump." Following the format of It's a Wonderful Life, an angel named Clarence (played by Keenan Thompson) shows Donald Trump (played by Alec Baldwin) what the country would be like had he never been elected President.

As many can likely imagine, the country is better off.

SNL also targeted Trump in its wildly popular "Weekend Update" segment, addressing reports that Trump is confiding in his friends that he's concerned about impeachment.

While SNL certainly didn't pull punches, no one was feeling sympathetic for Trump.

In fact, the President's rant had many chastising him for misplaced priorities.

The President's feud with the late-night comedy is, unfortunately, not new at all.

Saturday Night Live's political satire has been a key ingredient of the show's success. It's never held back when portraying presidents and other ubiquitous political figures.

Yet Donald Trump seems to think they're being especially hard on him.

The President has been a regular target for SNL since the start of his 2016 Presidential campaign, played at first by Taran Killam.

Followed by Darrel Hammond.

While these portrayals were unyielding, it was Alec Baldwin's embodiment of Trump that would become the most iconic.

It was also Baldwin's portrayal that would irk Trump the most.

After this weekend's tweet, many are reminding Trump that SNL is, in fact, not a news show.

While the President appears to think SNL's First Amendment rights are flexible, it's clear Americans are sticking by the Saturday night staple.