WATCH: Donald Trump says: ‘Other Countries Stand There With Machine Guns Ready to Fire…It’s a Very Effective Way of Doing It and I Wouldn’t Want to Do It’


In a freewheeling interview with far-right Fox news host Sean Hannity, President Donald Trump began lamenting the so-called crisis at the southern border.

After insisting that his administration is capturing immigrants who cross the border illegally and that “miles and miles” of wall is being built there, the President then implied that simply shooting immigrants with machine guns would be more effective.

Watch below:

Trump told Hannity:

“Y’know, we don’t do like other countries, other countries stand there with machine guns ready to fire. We can’t do that, and I wouldn’t wanna do that. It’s a very effective way of doing it, and I wouldn’t wanna do it, we can’t do it.”

Trump’s rhetoric has incited violence before, with supporters beating protesters and media crews at his rallies and Caesar Sayoc sending bombs to perceived enemies of the President. Even on the campaign trail, he once pondered that maybe there was something the “Second Amendment people” could do about Hillary Clinton. Just recently, Trump was praised in the manifesto of the white supremacist Christchurch shooter, who killed 49 Muslim worshipers in New Zealand this month.

Horrified viewers saw his rhetoric on Hannity as a continuance of this insidious pattern.

That wasn’t the only thing that viewers of the interview found disturbing.

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