READ: Donald Trump Says ‘the People Would Revolt’ If He Is Impeached


President Donald Trump on Tuesday predicted mass unrest if he were impeached, brushing off rumors that he is privately concerned about his political future.

Speaking with Reuters in the Oval Office, Trump’s remarks were paired with his typical boasting about the economy.


“It’s hard to impeach somebody who hasn’t done anything wrong and who’s created the greatest economy in the history of our country. I’m not concerned, no. I think that the people would revolt if that happened.”

Facing a Democratic majority in the US House of Representatives come January, impeachment has become a real possibility.

Trump said he is willing to work with Democrats but only if they stop investigating him.

“We’re going to go down one of two tracks,” the president declared. “We’re either going to start the campaign and they’re going to do presidential harassment. Or we’re going to get tremendous amounts of legislation passed working together. There’s not a third track.”

At the notion that people would “revolt” in the event that Trump is impeached, many on Twitter made the same joke:

Don Cheadle had another take on the same theme:

And others shared the sentiment:

Yeah, people think Americans will be doing other things…

And who exactly is he talking about?

Some had an idea:

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