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Donald Trump Is Getting Dragged for His New Ad That Sends Supporters to an 800 Number to Thank Trump But Really Just Wants Your Money


A new ad featuring President Donald Trump's campaign manager, Brad Parscale, rehashes some oft-repeated lies on the President's behalf.

In the video, Parscale says that Donald Trump has "achieved more during his time in office than any President in history," and that "the world is a safer place" due to the President. With those talking points out of the way, Parscale begins imploring the viewer to call an 800 number to make sure they leave a personal thank you to the President.

While the number listed on the screen does let the caller leave a quick thank you message for the President, it soon becomes clear what the call is really about when Parscale's voice comes on the other end of the line.

First, he repeats the same characterizations of radical Liberals intent on destroying a perfectly innocent President:

"President Trump is under vicious daily attacks by the fake news media and far left Democrats who want to implement the radical socialist agenda. They'll stop at nothing to overturn the election remove your president from office."

Then, Parscale goes in for the kill:

In 2016, you, me and millions of deplorables elected President Trump to bring change to Washington and make America great again, but we need your help to keep Trump in office. We are fighting to make sure President Trump is re-elected again in 2020, but we can't do it alone. We need help from Trump supporters like you. I need you to please press 1 now to make a direct contribution to President Trump's re-election campaign."

When that doesn't work, he doubles down:

"I understand a contribution is a lot to ask for, but President Trump needs your help now. before it's too late. We must protect the Trump presidency for the American people."

Though, as Yashar Ali pointed out, this is common for Presidential campaigns, many thought the prospect of donating to the re-election fund of a President whose use of campaign finances and virtually every other facet of public life remain under investigation.

That was just the beginning.

Some definitely didn't want to thank the President.

Others were less than thrilled at the sight of Brad Parscale who, as recently as last month, fought for the airing of a racist television ad vilifying asylum seekers at the border.

In an ever-spinning news cycle and with two years until the next Presidential election, it's impossible to predict for certain how the political landscape will look in 2020, but even if Trump doesn't run for re-election, perhaps he can use the money for a legal defense fund.