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New Testimony Indicates Trump May Have Lied Under Oath to Mueller and Now the House Is Investigating

Something's fishy.

New Testimony Indicates Trump May Have Lied Under Oath to Mueller and Now the House Is Investigating
(Photos by Jim Watson/AFP and Alex Wong/Getty Images)

While most Americans were watching the first public hearings in the ongoing impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, some may have overlooked revelations from the trial of longtime Trump advisor Roger Stone.

Stone was arrested after findings from the Mueller investigation revealed that Stone worked with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to obtain emails from the Democratic National Committee which were stolen by Russia.

Trump, in sworn written testimony to investigators, dismissed having any prior knowledge of Stone's dealings with WikiLeaks:

"I do not recall discussing WikiLeaks with him, nor do I recall being aware of Mr. Stone having discussed WikiLeaks with individuals associated with my campaign."

In a widely-watched public hearing regarding the findings of the Mueller Report, Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified that Trump denied discussing WikiLeaks information with Roger Stone.

But testimony from Trump's former deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates is contradicting that. During Stone's trial, Gates testified that Trump and Stone appeared to discuss further information from DNC emails coming to light only days after the first of the WikiLeaks dumps.

Stone was convicted on all counts.

Now, the House is demanding to see the redacted grand jury material from the Mueller Investigation in an effort to corroborate whether or not Trump lied to Special Counsel investigators under oath.

In an effort to bolster the case for receiving unredacted grand jury material, House general counsel Douglas Letter asked the DC Court of Appeals

"Did the President lie? Was the President not truthful in his responses to the Mueller investigation?"

President Donald Trump has told nearly 13,500 lies since his inauguration in 2017, indicating a near-pathological tendency to deny the truth. People aren't at all surprised that he may have lied about having knowledge of Stone's dealings with WikiLeaks.

If a credible case can be made that Trump lied to federal investigators, it will likely be added to the growing list of articles of impeachment against him.