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Donald Trump Keeps Tweeting About a 'Brand New Manuscript' by Michael Cohen That Doesn't Seem to Exist

Yeah, that's not a thing.

Donald Trump Keeps Tweeting About a 'Brand New Manuscript' by Michael Cohen That Doesn't Seem to Exist

The explosive testimony of President Donald Trump's former attorney and self-proclaimed fixer Michael Cohen before the House Oversight Committee saw a wealth of accusations arise against Trump.

The once staunch ally of the President submitted corroborating documents to accusations that Trump knew beforehand of illegal hush money payments made on his behalf. Cohen also gave insight into Trump's moral character, describing him as a "racist, conman and cheat."

Republican members of Congress leapt to attack Cohen's credibility in an effort to defend Trump. Cohen had previously lied to Congress to protect the President and will soon begin a three-year prison sentence for that and other crimes committed on Trump's behalf.

Now, the President is taking to Twitter, to tell Americans that Michael Cohen lied to Congress again, citing Cohen's alleged unpublished manuscript that he says contradicts his claims before the committee.

But there doesn't appear to be any evidence of the existence of such a manuscript.

While it is true that Cohen was courting a Trump-positive book deal in an effort to offset the negative portrayal of Trump brought by the "tell-all" Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, plans for the book crumbled after the FBI raided Cohen's office, securing documents that would eventually lead him to turn on the President.

Trump claims Cohen's manuscript of the book is "just released," however no one can seem to find it. Not even Cohen's would-be publisher, who said it "never saw a manuscript." Cohen's lawyer Lanny Davis added that the plans never passed a preliminary proposal.

This is not a good look for Trump.

Many remain unconvinced.

For some, the manuscript wouldn't do much in clearing Trump's name. Cohen routinely lied and threatened to protect the public's perception of Trump.

Trump's claims have done nothing to offset the massive public backlash against him.

Similarly, Cohen's testimony did little to convince the President's supporters that Trump had committed any wrongdoing.

More of the President's associates are expected to testify as a result of Cohen's testimony.