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Lindsey Graham Said Iran Saw a 'Sign of Weakness' in Trump, and Trump Was Not Having It


Lindsey Graham Said Iran Saw a 'Sign of Weakness' in Trump, and Trump Was Not Having It
Win McNamee/Getty Images // Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is loyal to President Donald Trump on nearly every issue and defends him after nearly every gaffe.

However, the two aren't necessarily in agreement in the President's response to an attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities believed to be perpetrated by Iran.

Graham commended the non-aggressive response in a Twitter thread, but noted that Iran saw the response as "a sign of weakness."

But with President Donald Trump, an ounce of criticism amounts to a pound of disloyalty, and Trump soon took to Twitter to fire back at Graham.

The President also announced via Twitter that he ordered expanded sanctions against Iran for the attack, resisting military intervention for now.

Since his inauguration, Trump has been a staunch ally of Saudi Arabia, even after Saudi leaders brutally murdered United States resident and Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi. Trump cited money as the reason he took no action against Saudi Arabia for the murder. He chalked it up to money again when he floated the idea of renting out American troops to defend Saudi Arabia against Iran.

Trump's supporters were quick to side with him against Graham for prudence in resisting another costly intervention in the Middle East.

While Trump still floats military intervention as an option, even his critics are relieved he's not acquiescing to Graham's calls for war.

Graham recently commended Trump for his new choice as National Security Advisor, Robert O'Brien.


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