READ: Donald Trump Jr. Tweets ‘In Two Years @RealDonaldTrump Has Accomplished More on the Korean Peninsula Than All the “Expert” Bureaucrats Before Him’


Donald Trump Jr., the prince of bad takes on Twitter, lived up to his reputation late Wednesday night as President Donald Trump’s second denuclearization summit with dictator Kim Jong Un teetered on the brink of collapse.

In Don Jr.’s world, however, his father would return victorious from Hanoi, Vietnam.

Why? Because Kim answered a question by Washington Post reporter David Nakamura. It marked the first time ever that the North Korean dictator took an impromptu question from an American journalist, which caught the attention of many in the profession.

Nakamura asked Kim “if he felt confident he could get a deal” with Trump on a plan to rid the Korean peninsula of nuclear weapons.

“It’s too early to say,” Kim replied. “I would not say I’m pessimistic.”

Junior saw this as an opportunity to credit his father with having “accomplished more on the Korean Peninsula than all the “expert” bureaucrats before him did combined over the last 60 years.” Considering his father’s boorish treatment of the press, it seemed the achievement could be credited to the ingenuity of journalists rather than the President’s diplomatic acumen.

Trump’s team of negotiators decided on Wednesday that the whole verification aspect of North Korean denuclearization was not necessary, indicating that the talks would likely dissolve.

Sure enough, on Thursday morning, Trump – the self-described master dealmaker who boasted about falling in love with Kim – abruptly departed the Vietnamese capital in a stunning defeat.

Junior is living in fantasy land.

In a rare move, the president openly acknowledged his loss, even though he said after the first summit he would “find some kind of an excuse” about misjudging Kim.

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