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READ: Donald Trump Jr. Tweets ‘NJ Has a Clear Choice. Stick With Menendez Who Will Always Be Dogged by Serious Ethics Questions’

Kettle, pot.
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BOZEMAN,MT-SEPTEMBER,25: Donald Trump Jr. speaks at a campaign rally in support Montana Senate candidate Matt Rosendale in Bozeman, MT on September 25,2018. Rosendale is running against incumbent Democrat Senator Jon Tester in the 2018 midterm elections. (Photo by William Campbell-Corbis via Getty Images)

Donald Trump Jr. inserted himself into New Jersey’s Senate race on Monday, tweeting that a vote against incumbent Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) “seems like a no-brainer.”

“NJ has a clear choice,” the president’s eldest son said on Twitter. “Stick with Menendez who will always be dogged by serious ethics questions, or back GOP challenger, Bob Hugin, a Marine Corps veteran and the former chief of a large and very successful business. Seems like a no-brainer.”

While it’s true that Menendez has been plagued by ethics complaints, Twitter didn’t waste a second calling out Junior on the obvious: if he’s so worried about corruption, he should look at his father and the never-ending swamp circus that is his presidency.




Others pointed out that Junior’s endorsement of Hugin, a former Marine and pharmaceutical executive at Celgene, represents a tone-deafness to the rising costs of prescription drugs and healthcare that are burdening ordinary Americans.


Hugin, meanwhile, is releasing airing attack ads accusing Menendez of hiring underage prostitutes during a trip he took to the Dominican Republic.

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