READ: Donald Trump Jr. Tweeted ‘In 7 DAYS We Need Every Patriot to Get to the Polls and Make Their Voice Heard’ on October 31


Donald Trump Jr. on Wednesday took to Twitter to remind people to vote, but he probably wasn’t expecting the savage mockery he’d receive from telling people to go to the polls on the wrong day.

“In 7 DAYS we need every patriot to get to the polls and make their voice heard LOUD and CLEAR!” President Donald Trump’s eldest son wrote.

Except the election isn’t on November 7, it’s on November 6. Junior is pushing people to the polls on the wrong date.

Twitter isn’t going to let this one go, not a chance.

Some went along with Junior’s plan.

Since it was Halloween, we’ll just count these as tricks.

Was he lying, or is Junior simply bad a math? Not sure which is better but either way, it’s funny.

Oh but we do. The real treat is the video.

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