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Hillary Clinton Mocks Trump's Letter to Turkish President With Fake 1962 Letter From Kennedy to Khrushchev 'Found in the Archives'

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images; Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton may not tweet nearly as often as President Donald Trump, but her ability to troll the President on the site remains unmatched.

Her latest troll comes after Trump's bizarre letter to Turkish President Recep Erdogan in which Trump warned Erdogan not to be a "fool" or a "tough guy," then compared him to the devil if he didn't invade Northern Syria in a "humane" way.

Clinton proceeded to share a mock letter from President John F. Kennedy to Russian Premier Nikita Khruschev at the height of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. When Russia began building nuclear missile sites in Cuba, Kennedy deployed a naval blockade to block Russia from delivering more supplies. Khruschev and Kennedy reached a deal that saw Russia withdraw its test sites on the condition that the US not invade Cuba. The deal lessened tensions between the USSR and the US.

Had Kennedy sent this letter, things probably would've gone differently...

The letter reads in part:

"Dear Premier Khruschev,

Don't be a dick, ok? Get your missiles out of Cuba. Everybody will say 'Yay! Khrushchev! You're the best!' But if you don't everybody will be like 'what an asshole' and call your garbage country 'The Soviet Bunion.'

You're really busting my nuts here."

Twitter was quick to applaud.

Clinton shared the letter one day after the State Department—the third entity to investigate her use of a private email server to conduct State Department business—found no evidence of intentional wrongdoing, despite Trump's three-year-old calls to "lock her up."