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Donald Trump Just Made a Ridiculous Claim About the Great Lakes at a Michigan Rally, and Now This Lake Superior Twitter Account Is Expertly Trolling Him


President Donald Trump made a bizarre claim about the Great Lakes during a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan Thursday night and, surprise, it was not true.

"I support the Great Lakes. Always have," Trump proclaimed. "They're beautiful. They're big. Very deep. Record deepness. Right?"


"And I'm going to get, in honor of my friends, full funding of $300 million for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative."

The president's most recent budget proposal slashes funding for the program by 90 percent.

Watch below:

In fact, Trump was so wrong that Lake Superior had to step in and correct him.

"I hate to admit this, but... no, not record deepness. Not in the world or in the United States."

With a surface area of 31,700 miles, Superior is the world's largest freshwater reserve - but not the deepest, bottoming out at 1,332 feet.

Not that it matters to Trump.

Trump's ability to botch facts is simply stunning.

He just makes stuff up.

And his supporters cheer, unconcerned about the truth.

This timeline...

Oregon's Crater Lake - with a depth of 1,949 feet - is the deepest in the United States.

Earth's deepest lake is Lake Baikal, reaching down 5,387 feet. It is located in Russia.

The irony.