READ: Donald Trump Tells Autoworkers in Youngstown, Ohio in 2017: ‘Jobs Are Coming Back. They’re All Coming Back’


With the news that its General Motors plant – which has been open since 1966 – would be shutting its doors, Lordstown, Ohio was devastated.

The General Motors factory employed at least 1,600 people. To put into perspective just how catastrophic the loss of the General Motors plant is for the town, Lordstown’s population was only 3,200 people in 2017.

On a campaign stop in Ohio last year, President Donald Trump strongly vowed to bring jobs back to the region, saying:

“[The Jobs] are all coming back…We’re going to fill those factories or rip them down and build new ones.”

As well as:

“We never again will sacrifice Ohio jobs and those in other states to enrich other countries.”

Trumbull County shifted a whopping 30 points toward then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016. Its support of the President was only bolstered by the president’s wild promises in regards to jobs.

Now, many are calling out the contrast between the President’s promises and what he delivered.

The news has some affected by the impending closure losing faith in the president.

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