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READ: Donald Trump Calls on Florida to Stop Recount, Use Election Vote Count, Andrew Gillum Responds: ‘You Sound Nervous’

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President Donald Trump on Monday demanded Florida stop its recount after last week’s close gubernatorial and Senate races.

Trump, without evidence, tweeted that “large numbers of new ballots showed up out of nowhere” and  that “many ballots are missing or forged.” He insisted that the Republican candidates he endorsed – Rick Scott for Senate and Ron DeSantis for governor – immediately be declared the winners.

Democrat Andrew Gillum, the Tallahassee mayor vying to be Florida’s first black governor, responded to Trump.

“You sound nervous,” Gillum tweeted to the president.

People were here for it.

Of course, Trump is nervous.

He should be.

As of Tuesday night, it did not appear Gillum would be able to overtake his vote deficit, and so conceded the race to DeSantis.

Now, he has a different message to his supporters:

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