Washington Post’s Count of Donald Trump’s False and Misleading Claims Passes 5,000


Thursday brought a record high and, with it, a new low.

The Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump made more than 5,000 “false or misleading statements” in 601 days as president. While that averages out to around 8.3 false statements a day, the president is actually lying more as his presidency continues, with his false statements averaging to 32 times a day of late. Recently, he reached a single day record of 125 lies in a total of 120 minutes.

Though it may be a milestone, flummoxed Americans are hardly celebrating.

Even if his lies stop increasing and the president maintained a steady 8.3 a day, Donald Trump will have made around 12,118 false statements by the end of his first term.

According to the Pulitzer Prize winning Politifact, nearly 70 percent of statements made by the president are false or misleading.

Some of his “greatest hits” are so blatantly false, they’re insulting to the American people.

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