READ: Donald Trump Tells the AP: ‘Michael Cohen Was a PR Person Who Did Small Legal Work…He Represented Me Very Little’

Cohen’s guilty plea—made under oath in a court of law—states that Cohen was acting on the orders of then-candidate Donald Trump when making payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal in exchange for their silence about alleged affairs with the president.

Not only does Cohen’s plea contradict Trump’s statement, but many pointed out that there are tapes to corroborate Cohen’s claims as well.

Twitter reminded Trump of their existence.

Cohen’s function for Trump was essentially to keep his darkest secrets from coming to light—a feat that’s impossible to perform without a deep level of trust and a close relationship. In addition to making the payments to the two women, Cohen also set into motion a plan to buy every negative story on Trump from the National Enquirer in order to keep them from being published.

Though the president claims the opposite, it’s well-documented that Cohen is in the position to reeal a wealth of secrets about Donald Trump in his talks with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It’s possible that the public will soon know a great deal of them. Mueller’s report is allegedly coming next month.

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