Donald Trump Says He’ll Declassify Damaging Documents Against Democrats If the House Investigates His Administration


While many Democrats are ready to get even with the President after two years of obstruction and defamation, some are more hesitant—fearing that moves against Trump will make the party appear to place its own vindication over the progress of the American people.

For others, holding Trump accountable and moving the United States forward are one and the same.

Speculation on what the Democrats may investigate when coming to power have already begun.

Democratic constituents are widely in favor of pursuing these investigations—partly for comeuppance but mostly (as with the crisis at the border) for justice and the upholding of American ideals.

As for the documents Trump threatens to declassify, few seem scared.

With Democrats’ motivation and Trump’s anger, 2019 is already taking shape to be an even more tumultuous time.



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