REPORT: Donald Trump Grants Full Pardon to Conrad Black on Counts of Mail Fraud and Obstruction of Justice


Media mogul Conrad Black was convicted on fraud and obstruction charges in 2007. Released from prison in 2012, Black went on to become a vocal ally for President Donald Trump.

In addition to writing an entire book praising the president—Trump: A President Like No Other—Black also wrote an op-ed in the National Review in 2015 praising Trump’s campaign.

The President gleefully shared it on Twitter.

Black said in the piece:

“Donald Trump — who, I should disclose, is an old friend, a fine and generous and loyal man, and a delightful companion — is striking very close to the heart of the American problem: the corrupt, dysfunctional political system and the dishonest media.”

This week, Trump announced that he would be granting his old friend a full pardon on the fraud and obstruction convictions he faced.

People are calling foul.

Others began pointing out the numerous times Black has used his platform to praise the president.

At least that ink didn’t go to waste.

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