READ: Donald Trump Tweets ‘The News Reports About the Department of Commerce Dropping Its Quest to Put the Citizenship Question on the Census Is Incorrect’


The Supreme Court recently blocked a citizenship question from the 2020 United States Census in a blow to President Donald Trump. Not one to take a loss lying down, Trump took to Twitter to say he’d be consulting with lawyers to explore his options of delaying the census, which is constitutionally mandated to occur every ten years.

On Tuesday, Trump’s Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross confirmed to reporters on the record that they had already begun printing the decennial census without the citizenship question. A Department of Justice spokesperson confirmed this.

Then, on Wednesday, things got weird.

While many of the reports Trump deems as fake usually rely on unnamed sources, Trump is directly contradicting two on-the-record, reliable sources, including his own commerce secretary.

People were quick to point out the glaring contradiction.

It had people wondering: Is the man okay?

Who even knows anymore?

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