WATCH: Donald Trump Calls US Libel Laws ‘a Sham & a Disgrace’

That’s not how it works.

President Donald Trump expressed his discontent for the United State’s libel laws on Wednesday, referring to them as “a sham and a disgrace” before going into a Cabinet meeting.

“We are going to take a strong look at our country’s libel laws so that when somebody says something that is false and defamatory about someone, that person will have meaningful recourse in our courts,” Trump said. “And if somebody says something that’s totally false and knowingly false, that the person that has been abused, defamed, libeled, will have meaningful recourse.”

Trump’s comments are a direct response to author Michael Wolff’s tell-all book, Fire & Fury, which challenges the president’s fitness for office.

The American Civil Liberties Union immediately fired back at the president on Twitter: “Reminder: There are no federal libel laws to “take a strong look at.” There is, however, the First Amendment, which thankfully is safe from Trump.

The ACLU goes on to explain that the United States has no federal libel laws, and the president has no power to demand changes to state libel laws: “President Trump’s threat to revise our country’s libel laws is, frankly, not credible. There is no federal libel law, and the president does not have the authority to change state libel laws.”

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