PHOTO: Donald Trump Holds Cabinet Meeting With His ‘Game of Thrones’ Style ‘Sanctions Are Coming’ Poster in the Middle of the Table

The people have spoken.

President Donald Trump kicked off his first cabinet meeting of the new year, where he and his officials discussed the current government shutdown, immigration, and other subjects, but it was a startling centerpiece that ended up stealing the show.

Displayed on the table in front of the President was a poster of himself with text reading “Sanctions are Coming”—an allusion to HBO’s hit fantasy series Game of Thrones.

It’s unclear whether or not the President brought the poster to the meeting himself. Trump, however, tweeted the same image two months ago.

In response to that original tweet, HBO asked “How do you say trademark misuse in Dothraki?,” citing the fictional language spoken by many Game of Thrones characters.

Now, with the brandishing of the image in a highly publicized cabinet meeting, many are hoping HBO backs up its original tweet with legal action to add to the pile of investigations and lawsuits plaguing Trump and his affiliates.

That was just the beginning.

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