WATCH: Border Patrol Official Shows Donald Trump Evidence of a Tunnel in ‘an Area Where We Actually Have Wall’


President Donald Trump visited the southern border on Thursday and was presented with an inconvenient truth about walls: people can and do build tunnels to bypass them.

During Trump’s trip to McAllen, Texas, Melissa Lucio of Customs and Border Protection showed that walls are not the surefire security measure Trump believes them to be.

“This is just a couple of miles from here, from where we’re standing,” Lucio said, pointing to photos of tunnels dug underneath existing border wall. “This is a tunnel,” she explained. “This is the second tunnel that recently we have located. This is an area that we actually have wall.”

Watch below starting at 00:31:

Of course people burrow underneath walls, but that is unlikely to change the president’s mind.

Ladders also defeat walls.

Trump telling people how to defeat walls has aged really well.

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