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Trump Was Having A Great Time at the World Series—Until The Moment He Realized People Were Booing Him

NBC News

President Donald Trump got a poor reception from baseball fans in attendance at the World Series on Sunday night.

At game five of the Major League Baseball World Series featuring the Washington Nationals against the Houston Astros, the camera panned to President Donald Trump, sitting with First Lady Melania Trump and Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL), plastering the President's face on the Jumbotron.

Normally, Trump would leap at the chance for an on-camera appearance. This time was no different—until he realized how the crowd was reacting: with boos and chants of "Lock him up!"

You can watch the moment he realizes the truth of how he was being received.

We know that crowd size and crowd reception are crucial measures of performance to Trump, so it's not surprising that the President would appear crestfallen upon realizing that a stadium full of baseball fans was booing him.

Again, these weren't a select group of protestors, but enough Trump critics to let audible boos ring out through the stadium.

Notice the difference in the crowd's reaction to U.S. troops on the Jumbotron compared to when the camera cuts to Trump immediately after.

It wasn't a good look from any angle.

Baseball fans didn't just protest Trump with their voices, but with banners as well.

Trump left the stadium less than an hour after the booing—long before the game was over.

Twitter users were buoyed at the sight of Americans speaking out against the President's climate of confusion and chaos. The rare shame on Trump's face was a small victory for some as well.

In a surprise turn of events, Trump has yet to post a stream of tweets claiming that the booing never happened.