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Twitter Users Just Made 'John McCain Day' Trend to Troll Donald Trump on His Birthday, and the Internet Has Officially Been Won

Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images // Win McNamee/Getty Images

Since before the late Republican Senator from Arizona, John McCain, singlehandedly foiled President Donald Trump's efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement, Trump has held a grudge.

As recently as two weeks ago, evidence surfaced that the White House made a concentrated effort to keep the USS John McCain out of Trump's sight during his visit to Japan.

With Friday being Trump's 73rd birthday, the internet used the president's ire for McCain to give Trump the ultimate birthday present.

It started with a tweet from The Ellen Show producer Andy Lassner.

Lassner called on his followers to

"[C]elebrate @realDonaldTrump's birthday today by having #JohnMcCainDay trend."

Ask and you shall receive:

#JohnMcCainDay is the number one trending topic on Twitter.

The mock holiday is a particularly searing way of trolling the president because it includes three of his all-time least favorite things: being upstaged, John McCain, and being upstaged by John McCain.

Twitter users flocked to post stories of McCain's decency and commemorate a legacy that, to many, stands in stark contrast to Donald Trump's.

And some helped it trend just to relish the pettiness.

Perhaps the president will be too preoccupied celebrating his birthday with a fast food feast in the White House State Dining Room to notice.