READ: Alec Baldwin Tweets ‘I Wonder If a Sitting President Exhorting His Followers That My Role in a TV Comedy Qualifies Me as an Enemy of the People Constitutes a Threat’

He’s probably right.

President Donald Trump lashed out at Saturday Night Live‘s interpretation of his press conference in the Rose Garden announcing his intention to declare a national emergency for what he calls a crisis at the southern border.

Trump accused the show of airing Republican “hit jobs” and of being the “real collusion.”

Now, actor Alec Baldwin—whose skewering portrayal of Trump has been lauded by nearly everyone but Trump himself—has taken the President’s tweet calling for retribution as a threat to his and his family’s safety.

Many understood his concerns.

It isn’t far-fetched to fear that some of the President’s supporters would pursue retribution on their own, influenced by the President’s rhetoric.

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