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Video of Donald Trump Boarding Air Force One With Toilet Paper Stuck to His Shoe Just Went Viral, and the Jokes Came Pouring In

Wait, is that real?

In news that only 2018 could deliver, President Donald Trump boarded Air Force One on Thursday with toilet paper dangling off his shoe.

White tissue fluttered under Trump's left heel as he exited The Beast and ascended the staircase onto the presidential jet following a rally in Minnesota.

While the source and ply of the paper may forever elude us, the jokes have not, and let's be totally honest here... we need this. It's been a helluva month this week.

"Shhhh! Nobody tell him."

Narrator: Nobody told him.

Think about this for a second - the president is constantly surrounded by handlers. One of them had to have seen this. None of them said anything.

Here's a version with crisper audio. You're welcome.

And here it is with some music.

Naturally, the Curb Your Enthusiasm music had to be remixed in, and it's perfect. Gorgeous. Tremendous remix, the greatest in our history.

We got your puns covered too.

He could but he won't.

Some people aren't convinced it's toilet paper.

Others saw more symbolic meaning.

"That toilet paper on Trump's shoe might as well be our Constitution." 

Not everyone found it funny.

But who are we kidding, it's hilarious. 

Not all heroes wear capes.

Happy Friday everyone.