REPORT: Donald Trump Has Paid His Own Companies for Business Done for His 2020 Re-Election Campaign Out of $1.1 Million of Donations

Well well well.

President Donald Trump is profiting off his 2020 reelection bid by having his own businesses charge the campaign for goods and services, according to an explosive new report by Forbes.

Forbes reported on Thursday that while court filings show Trump has “not donated a penny of his own” money toward his campaign, “his businesses continued to charge the campaign for hotels, food, rent and legal consulting.”

This has resulted in nearly $1.1 million in personal enrichment by the already compromised 45th president. So far, 50,000 people have contributed to Trump’s 2020 campaign. Trump is not one of them.

This is a stark contrast to 2016 when Trump spent $66 million of his own money to pump himself up as a candidate.

Forbes found, for example, that Trump Tower in New York, which the president owns outright, “charged the reelection campaign $665,000 in rent.” The Republican National Committee has spent an additional $225,000 in Trump Tower, though a spokesperson declined to comment on the matter.

Is it really so surprising? No.

The differences between today and 2016, however, are substantial.

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