READ: ICE Deputy Director Says of DNA Testing: ‘This is a Pilot Designed to Assess the Usefulness of this Technology in an Investigative Process’

This is concerning.

The policies of President Donald Trump toward undocumented immigrants bypassing the Southern border have proven to be one of the most incendiary topics of his campaign and subsequent presidency.

The Trump administration has taken disturbing measures in the pass to strengthen so-called border security, from caging children to shutting down the government over a wall, and asylum-seekers are often treated as suspect by the administration. A new practice from the Department of Homeland Security continues the questionable tradition with a policy designed to spot the rare groups of asylum seekers who pretend to be family members in order to gain leniency—roughly 1% of the families detained at the border.

The process subjects immigrants to a DNA swab to test the so-called legitimacy of a family unit. The test takes 90 minutes but the ethical implications of implementing it have some concerned.

As many pointed out, the DNA kits could be used to reunite the many families separated as a result of the Trump administration’s radical immigration policies.

Another day, another insidious policy.

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