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Senate Democrats Unveil Attack on Republicans Over Increased Healthcare Premiums

Early projections from insurance companies participating in Affordable Care Act (ACA) low cost insurance programs show steep rate hikes on the horizon. The Democratic Party intends to make certain voters understand who caused those impending rate increases: Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

One insurer, participating in the program commonly referred to as Obamacare, proposed increasing their rates up to 91 percent. The monthly premium for a 40 year old could be as high as $1,334.

“When those rates go up, coverage goes down,” Senate Minority Leader, Democrat Chuck Schumer of New York told reporters Tuesday.

It’s important to remember, President Trump and congressional Republicans are fully responsible for the significantly higher premiums and millions fewer people insured.”

As of Spring 2017, rates in Obamacare began to stabilize. But Republicans and new president, Donald Trump, made clear their plan to sabotage and undermine the ACA after their many attempts to repeal the law failed.

Trump announced his administration’s halt of cost-sharing reductions to insurers and drastic budget cuts for Obamacare outreach. Then the GOP repealed the individual mandate which required every American have health insurance or pay a tax penalty as part of their GOP tax plan.

According to Jesse Ferguson, a Democratic consultant working with groups supporting Obamacare, most people talk about “the health care repeal and the Trump tax plan as two different issues.”

The voters see them as ways Washington isn’t looking out for them…. On both of them, it’s basically the same: they (Republicans) have been giving tax breaks to health insurance companies, to pharmaceutical companies and those come at the expense of people who work for a living. It means higher health care costs, eventually higher taxes, more debt for your kids, and cuts to Social Security and Medicare as you get older.”

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