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Former Reagan Budget Director Just Called Donald Trump a 'Madman' Live on Fox Business, and the Host's Attempt to Prove Him Wrong Did Not Go Well

Well now.

Former Reagan Budget Director Just Called Donald Trump a 'Madman' Live on Fox Business, and the Host's Attempt to Prove Him Wrong Did Not Go Well
Fox Business

David Stockman, budget director for former President Ronald Reagan, blasted President Donald Trump as a "madman" during an appearance on Fox Business Friday morning.

Stockman told host Charles Payne that the economy, which Trump routinely touts as the best and strongest in history (it is not), is at risk for a crash because Trump is acting "like a madman."

"How far down do we go from here?" Payne asked.

"I have no idea but the foundation is not stable," replied Stockman.

“We’ve got a perfect storm of a madman in the White House who’s pursuing trade wars, border wars, a fiscal policy that is totally out to lunch, and attacking the fed.”

Payne fired back, as only Fox Business can.

"Let me just stop you, before you run them all, let's just get one at a time," Payne interjected. “It’s kind of harsh to call President Trump a madman.”

But Stockman stood his ground.

"Oh," Stockman needled at Trump, "absolutely he is."

Watch the clip below:

Twitter's sided with Stockman.

As the two men continued to spar, Payne tried to deflect the conversation when he falsely claimed that China is itching to start a war with the United States.

Trump is "fighting back against unfair trade, intellectual property theft," and "a country that's building unmanned militarized islands." Payne continued to rail against China, whom he accused of having "imperialist ambitions" and attempting to "colonize the world through debt-trapped loans."

Payne asked Stockman if "we should be pushing back against China."

"No," Stockman humorously scoffed. "China is not a threat to us whatsoever. If they want to waste their money on sand castles in the South China Sea, be our guest.”

Stockman continued, explaining why China's influence is overblown.

"China's economy is a house of cards," Stockman said. "It's got $40 billion of debt. It is the buildest speculative building spree in history."

He added: "Without our export markets, without 4,000 Walmarts and everything else in America, their economy would collapse. They don't dare threaten us."

Payne rebuffed Stockman by saying China's "main goal will be to go to war with America."

Stockman laughed that off too.

"If you believe this you should sell everything in sight," Stockman said, "because if there is a war between the U.S. and China the whole world financial system will crash, burn beyond anything you saw in the 1930's."

After an additional redundant back-and-forth, Stockman concluded that Trump is "totally out to lunch."

Let's all be grateful for arbiters of truth this Thanksgiving weekend.