WATCH: David Shulkin Says He Had a Cordial Conversation With Trump Before He Was Fired By Tweet

On Wednesday, Donald Trump, as he is wont to do, fired his Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin via tweet:

On Thursday, Shulkin took to the cable airwaves, appearing on MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes and explained exactly how that all went down.

Turns out Shulkin had received a call prior to his firing, and Trump didn’t mention a thing about terminating Shulkin.

“We spoke about the progress that I was making, what I needed to do from a policy perspective to make sure we are fixing the issues in VA.”

Hayes was incredulous:

“You spoke to him, he made no mention of the fact that he was about to terminate you…Then you found out via tweet….”

Shulkin clarified the timeline:

“Right before that the Chief of Staff Kelly gave me a call, which I appreciated, he gave me a heads up, but that was much after the phone call.”

If this sounds familiar, this is much the same way Rex Tillerson’s termination happened, with a warning call from Kelly then a curt tweet that officially sent him packing.

The irony was not lost on Hayes that it appears that the man who made a name for himself with the catchphrase “You’re fired” is actually unable to fire anyone in real life to their face.

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