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Trump's Former VA Chief Just Explained How He Was Actually Fired, and It's Classic Trump

On Wednesday, Donald Trump, as he is wont to do, fired his Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin via tweet:

On Thursday, Shulkin took to the cable airwaves, appearing on MSNBC's All In With Chris Hayes and explained exactly how that all went down.

Turns out Shulkin had received a call prior to his firing, and Trump didn't mention a thing about terminating Shulkin.

"We spoke about the progress that I was making, what I needed to do from a policy perspective to make sure we are fixing the issues in VA."

Hayes was incredulous:

"You spoke to him, he made no mention of the fact that he was about to terminate you...Then you found out via tweet...."

Shulkin clarified the timeline:

"Right before that the Chief of Staff Kelly gave me a call, which I appreciated, he gave me a heads up, but that was much after the phone call."

If this sounds familiar, this is much the same way Rex Tillerson's termination happened, with a warning call from Kelly then a curt tweet that officially sent him packing.

The irony was not lost on Hayes that it appears that the man who made a name for himself with the catchphrase "You're fired" is actually unable to fire anyone in real life to their face.

Chris Hayes's fans weighed in on Twitter as well:

Interesting dilemma in the age of Trump:

Pretty much:

Rachel Maddow weighed in as well: