READ: David Lewicki Tweets ‘I Was @RealDonaldTrump’s Pastor for 5 Years @MarbleChurch. I Assure You, He Had the “Option” to Come to Bible Study. He Never “Opted” In’


Trump “attended its Sunday services for almost 50 years, but says he does not know if he ever formally joined the church,” the Times wrote. “He describes himself as a Presbyterian, but Marble is not a Presbyterian church — it is part of the Reformed Church in America, a separate denomination that traces its beginnings to 1628 and the first ordained minister in New Amsterdam, as New York was then known.”

The Times also found that despite his regular attendance, Trump never expressed any religious beliefs. Trump, like his father Fred, was a huge fan of the church’s preacher-turned-best selling author, Reverend Norman Vincent Peale.

Peale was “a great preacher and a great public speaker,” Trump said in 2016. “You always, when the service was over, you said, ‘I’d have sat there for another hour,’” Trump told the Times. “There aren’t too many people like that. It wasn’t the speaking ability, it was the thought process.”

As the comments on his Twitter feed accumulated, Lewicki said it feels “nice to get some attention on Twitter. But not this much.”

Trump? A devout Christian? Twitter has its doubts.

Many feel gunning for Biblical eduation in public schools is just another Trump grift.

As for why Trump all of a sudden wants Christianity taught in public schools, there’s likely a simple explanation: he got the idea from Fox News.

The segment below aired a few minutes before Trump tweeted.

Of course.

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