READ: David Hogg Shuts Down Rightwing Troll: ‘Thank You for Being Politically Active’

The leadership of MSD students has had legislative effects in Florida. Last month, the Florida State Legislature passed a bill that implemented a three-day waiting period to buy a gun, raised the age of purchasing a firearm from 18 to 21, and allowed for certain school faculty members to be armed and trained in gun safety. Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott signed the bill into law shortly after its passage.

Hogg was singled out by conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham last week, who mocked the high school senior for being rejected by some of the colleges to which he applied.

As of yesterday, more than 25 advertisers have abandoned Ingraham’s show.

On Wednesday, Hogg asked outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan to hold a floor vote on universal background checks. The vast majority of Americans support doing so, and since Ryan is not seeking reelection, there is no political capital being risked by holding a vote.

now you can put country over party and allow a vote on universal background checks
over 90% of Americans support it why not allow a vote on it? Tweet your support with

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