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WATCH: Senator Bob Corker Says the Republican Party Has a ‘Cult-Like Situation as It Relates to a President’

He did not hold back.
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Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker (CNN)

Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee is part of a very small group within the Republican Party currently serving in congress; those willing to criticize President Donald Trump. But Corker is part of another GOP group too; those not seeking reelection.

Wednesday, Corker opted to call out his colleagues for their unwillingness to contradict the president even in matters they all agree are wrong, like Trump’s trade wars he provoked with United States allies.

We’re in a strange place. It’s becoming a cultish thing, isn’t it? It’s not a good place for any party to have a cult-like situation as it relates to a President that happens to be purportedly of the same party.”

On Tuesday, Corker gave a speech on the Senate floor accusing his fellow Republicans of inaction because they’re too concerned “we might poke the bear!” GOP senators have pointed fingers at each other for blocking the other’s amendments and denying them votes.

Corker said Wednesday his comments don’t apply to all Republicans, but “leadership in general” won’t stand up to Trump “because it’s all about the next election.”

There’s no question that leadership in general is weary of doing anything that might upset the President. It would be unfair to try to say this about every member, that’s not appropriate.”

But Corker says the Trump administration lacks stability and direction. He thinks confronting Trump might force his team to examine decisions more closely instead of acting on whims of the moment.

To have an administration that wakes up every day on an ad hoc basis just making stuff up as they go along with no coherency to it — I think us having to weigh in on that would actually cause them to have to think about what they’re doing versus, ‘Well, I’m upset with X today so I’ll do this’.”

Corker pointed out other issues as well.

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