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READ: George Conway Tweets ‘Whether or Not Impeachment Is in Order, a Serious Inquiry Needs to Be Made About This Man’s Condition of Mind’

He did not hold back.
George Conway mental decline dementia lies contradictions Twitter tweet impeachment

George Conway III and President Donald Trump (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Most of the time they serve no purpose for the President. Or worse, the obvious lies actually hurt him.

He then points out the sheer number of lies told by Trump. The number is so great several organizations recognized early in his campaign that his lies would be a major story of his presidency and began tracking them.

In the end, Conway concluded that no matter what happens with the multiple investigations into the Trump campaign, administration, Foundation and Organization, an inquiry into the President’s mental stability was warranted.

People agreed with Conway’s case for a mental health check for the President.

While many pointed to a complicit GOP as culpable.

Although many pointed the finger a little closer to George Conway himself.

Conway is not the first to question the President’s mental state or call out his near constant lying. However despite multiple people raising the alarm, Congress has yet to act and they may never at all.

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