Senator Collins Says ‘I View Roe v. Wade as Being Settled Law’

Sending a clear signal.

With Justice Anthony Kennedy announcing his retirement, concerns about many prior Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decisions have been raised. One of those decisions is Roe v. Wade, which made access to safe abortions legally available to all American women.

During his campaign, President Donald Trump stated he would ensure safe abortions were once again made inaccessible “automatically.” That’s not how SCOTUS rulings work, but it is a clear indication of the president’s intentions.

Any judge or other individual nominated by Trump to fill the vacant SCOTUS seat is unlikely to favor safe legal abortion rights. That leaves it up to the Senate, who must confirm whoever Trump nominates to SCOTUS, to vet judicial nominees.

Since upholding Roe v. Wade concerns women’s reproductive rights, voters are paying particular attention to the women of the senate. Twenty-three women currently serve in the United States Senate, 17 Democrats and 6 Republicans.

The senior most Republican woman in the Senate is Susan Collins of Maine. Collins is also the third longest serving woman in the Senate, having served since 1997.

Because of her standing, Collins faces heavy scrutiny over her stance on Roe v. Wade.

But Maine Republican women are a different breed than most others.

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