WATCH: Brooke Baldwin Fact Checks Sarah Sanders: ‘Fact: It Is False…to Suggest the Report Was Only Based on Extreme Scenarios’

Some inconvenient facts.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin fact-checked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Tuesday after Sanders made false claims about the government’s most recent report on climate change.

Sanders said the report “is based on the most extreme model scenario which contradicts long-established trends,” which Baldwin pointed out is simply not true.

“Fact,” Baldwin interjected. “The report 4 years in the making involved 300 leading climate change scientists in 13 federal agencies. That is the president’s own federal government.”

Sanders continued her forum on how to scuddle science.

“Modeling the climate is an extremely complicated science that is never exact,” she added. “The biggest thing we can do is how to make sure we have the cleanest air, the cleanest water, and the president is certainly doing that and certainly leading on that front” (except he isn’t; more on that later).

Sanders’ oversimplification is very misleading, noted Baldwin. “It is false of anyone to suggest the report was only based on extreme scenarios,” she said, referencing the report’s range of best to worst climate outcomes.

Baldwin also pointed out that despite Sanders’ line about climate science not being “exact,” researchers agree that most models have “underpredicted the impact of climate change on ice melt, sea level rises, and increases in extreme weather.”

Watch the clip below:

Twitter is CNN’s new “Facts First” counter to the administration’s lies.

Fact-checking is good for ratings too, who knew?

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