READ: CNN Communications Tweets to Donald Trump Jr.: ‘CNN Has Made It Abundantly Clear in Its Editorial Coverage That This Ad Is Racist’

Shut down.

Last week, Donald Trump unveiled a provocative new web ad that accuses Democrats of allowing an illegal immigrant, who later went on to kill a police officer, into the country.

Turns out that accusation isn’t true, of course, but that hasn’t stopped Trump and his boosters from sharing and promoting the ad, which has widely been derided as “racist.”

On Saturday, Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to excoriate CNN for not airing a shorter TV-ready version of the ad, saying “I guess they only run fake news.”

CNN was not going to let that slide without comment, and even got a little snarky with the president’s son:

People could not get enough of CNN’s clap back:

And went after Jr.

But some felt CNN was being hypocritical.

And some didn’t find the ad — this version at least — racist.

But there were also those who found CNN worthy of praise for not accepting ad money to air the ad in rotation on its network:


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