READ: CNN Condemns Donald Trump: ‘The President’s Ongoing Attacks on the Press…Are Not Only Dangerous, They Are Disturbingly Un-American’


Other news organizations and individuals tweeted their support for Acosta and the First Amendment against Trump’s attacks.

After the pipe bomb attacks executed by the aptly dubbed MAGAbomber, reporters asked Trump if he planned to tone down his attacks on the media. Today’s press conference indicates he clearly does not.

Wednesday night, Acosta posted to Twitter that he had been barred from entering the White House for the 8:00pm press hit.

Acosta also added video of a Secret Service officer taking his press pass.

According to media reports, Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated the revocation of Acosta’s credentials were because of “placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job.” Others disputer Sanders claim.

This story continues to develop.

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